Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2022 Details Announcement!

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2022 Details Announcement | Genshin.Global

More information about the Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2022 has been released! Dear Travelers in Singapore, are you ready to participate all the events and obtain the rewards? The prizes such as sticker and postcard are so attravtive and it saves you a lot of “Mora” if you could win them all! Yet, please note the gifts are said to be limited in quantity. The promotional poster of the event has used the Version 2.4 key visual (Fleeting Colors in Flight) which features Shenhe, Ganyu and Xiao at Lantern Rite and the onsite events will be mainly related to Liyue theme.



Convention Information

Event Duration: 25–27 November 2022

Location: Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre

Genshin Impact Booth Location: F1

On-Site Event: Traveller’s Liyue Travel Notes

Event 1: Meet your Liyue Companions

You can obtain a Liyue Character Chibi Sticker at the booth.

Tips: If you go to the booth cosplaying as a Genshin Impact character, you will receive an additional chance in the sticker prize draw~



Event 2: Try a Liyue Dish

At this event, answer a question about Liyue’s dishes. If you answer it correctly, you will receive a postcard.

Event 3: Leave a Moment of Joy

You can capture joyous moments at the Genshin Impact booth and post them online on Facebook/Twitter, and other social media platforms with the hashtags #genshinimpact and #AFASG22. After successfully posting, show it to a staff member to obtain a postcard.

*All rewards are limited in quantity. First come, first served!

Additionally, you can also purchase Genshin Impact-themed merchandise at the booth. We look forward to meeting you~

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