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Reveal of Baizhu: Owner of Bubu Pharmacy

Beyond Mortality | Genshin.Global

Baizhu is the owner of Bubu Pharmacy, who is rarely seen without the white snake named Changsheng. His medical knowledge is encyclopedic, and his personal intrigues subtle.

  • Beyond Mortality
  • Owner of Bubu Pharmacy
  • Dendro
  • Lagenaria
[Genshin Character Baizhu Info] "Taking a turn for the better." | Genshin.Global

Baizhu is a Dendro support character who can heal and protect his teammates. His Elemental Skill will unleash a Gossamer Sprite to pursue nearby opponents, dealing several instances of Dendro DMG before returning to him and restoring HP to all nearby party members. When his Elemental Burst is unleashed, Baizhu will periodically generate a Seamless Shield. When the Seamless Shield’s effects expire, or when it is shattered, it will heal Baizhu’s own active character and unleash Spiritvein attacks against nearby opponents.

[Genshin Baizhu] Ascension Materials/Talent Level-Up Materials Preview | Genshin.Global

The talents of Yoayao are as follows.

  • Normal Attack: The Classics of Acupuncture
  • Universal Diagnosis
  • Holistic Revivification


Voice Over

[Genshin Baizhu] Voice Artist Announcement (EN VA/JP VA) | Genshin.Global

Baizhu Voice Artist Announcement (EN VA/JP VA) | Genshin.Global

EN VA: Sean Durrie & Xanthe Huynh


Click here to listen to Baizhu‘s voice

[Updated on May 2, 2023] Collected Miscellany – “Baizhu: Opportune Remedies”

Collected Miscellany - "Baizhu: Opportune Remedies" | Genshin.Global Shop

[Updated on May 1, 2023] Character Demo – “Baizhu: Curing the Root Cause”

Genshin Character Demo - "Baizhu: Curing the Root Cause" | Genshin.Global Shop

Character Teaser – “Baizhu: An Elusive Curative”

Character Teaser - "Baizhu: An Elusive Curative" | Genshin Impact | Genshin.Global Shop

[Genshin Character] Baizhu : Beyond Mortality | Genshin.Global

[Genshin New Character] Baizhu : Beyond Mortality | Genshin.Global

[Genshin New Character: Baizhu ] Owner of Bubu Pharmacy| Genshin.Global

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