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Reveal of Kirara: Cat Upon the Eaves

[Genshin Kirara] "Sign here please~ Meow!" | Genshin.Global Shop

Kirara is a courier for Komaniya Express, a delivery company in Inazuma, and a nekomata who loves her job and human society.

Gold Level Courier of the Komaniya Express | Genshin.Global
  • Cat Upon the Eaves
  • Gold Level Courier of the Komaniya Express
  • Dendro
  • Constellation: Arcella

Kirara is a Dendro support character with high mobility who can provide shields for her teammates. Using her Elemental Skill, she casts a shield that absorbs DMG for her party, and upon holding her Elemental Skill, she enters the “Urgent Neko Parcel” state to move and fight at a faster pace. When she uses her Elemental Burst, Kirara will throw down a Special Delivery Package that deals AoE Dendro DMG and generates many Cat Grass Cardamoms that will deal Dendro DMG to opponents who come into contact with them.

[Genshin Kirara Information] Ascension / Talent Level-Up Materials Preview | Genshin.Global Shop

The talents of Kirara are as follows.

  • Normal Attack: Boxcutter
  • Meow-teor Kick: Press
  • Meow-teor Kick: Hold
  • Secret Art: Surprise Dispatch


Voice Over

[Genshin Kirara]Voice Artist Announcement (JP VA /EN VA) | Genshin.Global Shop

[Genshin Kirara] JP VA /EN VA Announcement | Genshin.Global Shop

EN VA: Julia Gu


Click here to listen to Kirara‘s voice


[Updated on May 24, 2023] Collected Miscellany – “Kirara: Meow-mentous Speed”

Collected Miscellany - "Kirara: Meow-mentous Speed" | Genshin.Global Shop

Character Demo – “Kirara: Twin-Tailed Courier”

Character Demo - "Kirara: Twin-Tailed Courier" | Genshin.Global Shop

<Genshin Kirara>An excess of speed and an assurance of client satisfaction | Genshin.Global

[Genshin Character Kirara] Cat Upon the Eaves | Genshin.Global

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