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Reveal of Mika: Coordinates of Clear Frost

{Genshin Character} Mika: Coordinates of Clear Frost | Genshin.Global

Mika is a young knight born to an ordinary family. He serves as a Front-Line Surveyor in his Company. He is a low-hey and cautious character.

[Genshin Mika]  Coordinates of Clear Frost | Genshin.Global
  • Coordinates of Clear Frost
  • Front-Line Land Surveyor of the Knights of Favonius
  • Cryo
  • Palumbus
[Genshin Character] Personal Information of Mika | Genshin.Global



Mika is a support character who uses his Cryo Vision to both boost the party’s combat capabilities and heal his teammates. His Elemental Skill can increase the ATK SPD of all active characters and his Passive Talent can strengthen the skill’s effect based on the number of enemies he hits, allowing his teammates to gain Physical DMG Bonus. His Elemental Burst can restore HP for nearby party members and when active characters hit an opponent with a Normal Attack, Mika will help them regenerate HP once.

[Genshin Character]Mika Ascension Material Preview/Talent Level-Up Material Preview | Genshin.Global
Voice Over
Genshin Mika - Voice Artist Announcement  | Genshin.Global
[Genshin Mika] Voice Artist Announcement - EN VA / JP VA | Genshin.Global

EN VA: Robb Moreira


Click here to listen to Mika’s voice



[Genshin Character Information] Mika (Cryo) | Genshin.Global



[Genshin Character] Mika (Palumbus) | Genshin.Global

[Updated on March 21, 2023] Collected Miscellany – “Mika: Constellatory Companion”

Collected Miscellany - "Mika: Constellatory Companion" | Genshin.Global



[Updated on March 13, 2023]  Character Demo – “Mika: Plume of Navigation”

<Genshin Mika> Character Demo - "Mika: Plume of Navigation" | Genshin.Global

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