“The world you once knew is but dust, and the wonders you knew but rubble. Though you should have your own world, and your own people — lamenting what is already lost…”

A traveler from another world who had their only kin taken away, forcing them to embark on a journey to find the Seven.

The keeper is fading away; the creator has not yet come.
But the world shall burn no more, for you shall ascend.

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Vision / Element



Another World


Primary Attribute


Aether, Traveler / Protagonist

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Constellation: Viator
  • Release Date: September 28, 2020
Voice Actor (VA) for Aether
  • Chinese: 鹿喑 / Lù Yīn
  • English: Zach Aguilar
  • Japanese: 堀江瞬 / Horie Shun
  • Korean: 이경태 / Lee Kyung-tae

Lumine, Traveler / Protagonist

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Constellation: Vatrix
  • Release Date: September 28, 2020
Voice Actor (VA) for Lumine
  • Chinese: 宴宁 / Yàn Níng
  • English: Sarah Miller-Crews
  • Japanese: 悠木碧 / Yuki Aoi
  • Korean: 이새아 / Lee Sae-a



  • Flexibility in resonating with different Elements.


Character Details

The keeper is fading away; the creator has not yet come.

But the world shall burn no more, for you shall ascend.

Character Story 1

A boy and a girl stood amidst the tumult, under an unfamiliar sky.

You were a pair of traveling twins, passing through countless worlds during your journey.

Descending upon a continent named Teyvat, you hoped that you would be able to enjoy your time here.

But as you awoke among the falling stars, you saw the world in turmoil, a cataclysm raging across the land…

You sought to leave this place and move on to the next world, but then an unknown god stood before you, barring the way.

This deity was spotless, floating over a world of chaos.

Looking down on you.

The god took your only kin away, and you were sealed and cast into a deep slumber filled with nightmares…

When you reawakened, the world was changed.

The flames of war raged no longer, and nothing was left that looked familiar.

How long had you been asleep? You had no answers.

Thus, you began a lonely journey, seeking the deity that you had once laid eyes upon…

Character Story 2

After that, you met Paimon, and wandered together for some time.

You learned that this world has seven deities who rule the seven nations as the Seven Archons.

Your first stop was the free city of wine and song, Mondstadt, a city built by the Anemo Archon.

As you stepped into Mondstadt as an outlander, it was, as the other nations were, beset on both sides by non-human and human threats.

The non-human threat was comprised of the confederacy known as the Abyss Order.

The human threat, on the other hand stemmed, from the ambition of the Tsaritsa, god of Snezhnaya.

The Abyss Order had corrupted an ally of the Anemo Archon, the Dragon of the East of the Four Winds of Mondstadt.

The envoys of Snezhnaya, for their part, used this opposition to the Abyss as an excuse to put pressure on Mondstadt.

These threats from without and within caused the return of the Anemo Archon, who took on the form of a bard and joined you in your journey to save the dragon.

Yet there was something then that you did not see — for as the dragon fell to the Abyss, a certain figure had been reflected in its eyes…

The one who rules the Abyss.

(S/he) had once traveled with you, and you had once crossed many worlds together.

Character Story 3


Character Story 4


Character Story 5




When faced with circumstances that they cannot control, humans often bemoan their powerlessness.

But if a person is found to have surpassing ambition even as their life reaches such a desperate turning point, then the gods would look upon them with favor.

This favor is the Vision, an external magical focus given to those who have been acknowledged by the gods which they can use to channel elemental power.

Celestia is the realm of the gods, and the wielders of Visions walk the earth below. When they depart from this world, the chosen will ascend.

After coming to this world, you often hear people speak of such things.

You, for your part, can never receive a Vision, for an alien lifeform does not belong…

Is it wise to allow a moment’s ambition to dominate one’s entire life?

You have needed to consider many such thought-provoking questions, ones that require lengthy consideration, during your journey through many worlds…

  • Unlike other characters, the Traveler’s Character Stories are unlocked by progressing in Archon Quests but not with higher Friendship Levels.
  • The Traveler’s Constellations are activated by “Memories” which are materials obtained through various progress milestones in the game, while other players consume Stella Fortunas which are received through wishing.
  • The Traveler does not possess a Vision but is able to make use of the power of Elements.
  • The gem on the Traveler’s clothes glows with the corresponding color of the element that the Traveler is currently resonating with.

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