Eleven Fatui Harbingers

The Eleven Fatui Harbingers are the leadership members of the Fatui who work under the Cryo Archon, Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya. They are known to wield enormous power with the use of Delusions.

“The sages think themselves to be all-knowing.
But we alone are wise to the virtue in those acts of folly.”

Pierro The Jester

Meet the 11 Members of the Fatui Harbingers

The Harbingers are assigned with numbers, new names and codenames. One solid example is Tartaglia whose original name is Ajax and codename or alias is Childe.

1PierroThe Jester /丑角/道化UnknownM
5PulcinellaThe Rooster /公鸡/雄鶏UnknownM
6ScaramoucheBalladeer 散兵UnknownM
8La SignoraThe Fair Lady 女士Cryo / PyroF
9PantaloneRegrator 富人/富者UnknownM
11TartagliaChilde 公子Hydro (Vision) / Electro (Delusion)M
?Il DottoreThe Doctor 博士UnknownM
?ArlecchinoThe Knave 仆人/召使UnknownF
?CapitanoThe Captain /队长/隊長UnknownM
?SandroneMarionette /木偶/傀儡UnknownF
?ColumbinaDamselette /少女UnknownF

No one knows how long it has been since all the Fatui Harbingers last gathered.
On this winter night, people donning masks who had just been singing and squabbling, fell silent in mournful meditation.
Only then did the hall join the winter sky in infinite silence.



#1 Pierro, Codename: “The Jester”

Pierro The Jester 道化 - Eleven Fatui Harbingers of Snezhnaya | Genshin.Global

The Jester meaning the fool / CN: 丑角 / JP: 道化
VA EN: Richard Tatum / CN: 符冲 / JP: 間宫康弘

Tartaglia says: “He was the first-ever Fatui Harbinger, and today he is our leader. He only appears on important occasions. As for his accomplishments… To be honest, I don’t really care. I owe my loyalty and devotion to the Tsaritsa, no one else. ”

So clearly Pierro “The Jester” is the very first member and leader of the Fatui Harbingersaders, but is not very involved in running the organization. In the teaser video, he mentions they are working to “seize authority from the gods” in the name of Tsaritsa, and he also makes a promise to Signora “your final resting place will be in the entirety of the Old World”. The exact meanings behind these messages are to be unveiled in the future.

In addition, in the teaser video Pierro is seem sharing similar diamond/star/Primogem shaped pupil, as those of Kaeya and Dainsleif, creating a mysterious tie between these men and Khaenriah. They too seem to have a lot of secrets, don’t they? Check the following page for more about their eyes and masked faces.

👉 Pierro The Jester, Kaeya and Dainsleif

Besides the above new information, Pierro has been mentioned prominently for a long time in the “Mocking Mask” from the Pale Flame artifact set.

#5 Pulcinella, Codename: “The Rooster”

Pulcinella Rooster 雄鶏 - Eleven Fatui Harbingers of Snezhnaya | Genshin.Global

The Rooster / CN: 公鸡 / JP: 雄鶏
VA EN: Dave B. Mitchell / CN: 王肖兵 / JP: チョー (長島茂)

#6 Scaramouche, Codename: “Balladeer”

Scaramouche Balladeer 傘兵 - Eleven Fatui Harbingers of Snezhnaya | Genshin.Global

Scaramouche the “Balladeer” is the sixth member of the eleven Fatui Harbingers. He made his first appearance in Version 1.1 during the Unreconciled Stars event and had interaction with Mona, Fischl, the Traveler and Paimon. Scaramouche was responsible for capturing the Electro Archon’s Gnosis in Archon Quests of the Inazuma Chapter.

The story of the Surpassing Cup from Pale Flame artifact set seems to be highly related to Scaramouche’s background as a failed prototype during the development of Raiden Shogun‘s puppet.

#8 La Signora, Codename: “The Fair Lady”

La Signora "The Fair Lady" 女士 - Eleven Fatui Harbingers of Snezhnaya | Genshin.Global

La Signora “The Fair Lady” is the eighth member of the eleven Fatui Harbingers. She is also known as Crimson Witch of Flames. As a major antagonist in the Archon Quests around Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma, she was responsible for retrieving the Gnosis from Anemo, Geo  and Electro Archons.

Tartaglia talks about The Fair Lady in his voice-over: “I never got along with her, you know that. I guess there’s not much more worth saying about her at this point. When you’re a harbinger, you have to accept that death could come at any time… But don’t worry about me. No matter what happens, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep myself alive.”

The story of the Stainless Bloom artifact most likely refers to Signora.

#9 Pantalone, Codename: “Regrator”

Pantalone Regrator 富者 - Eleven Fatui Harbingers of Snezhnaya | Genshin.Global

Regrator / CN: 富人 / JP: 富者
VA EN: J. Michael Tatum / CN: 徐敏 / JP: 星野貴紀

Pantalone is responsible for Snezhnaya’s economy. He seems to be an extremely ambitious and intelligent person behind his smiling face with closed eyes.

Tartaglia mentioned Pantalone in voice-over: “Oh, now that guy has a head full of grandiose plans fueled by raw ambition. I don’t understand a word he says once he starts talking about his theories… Eh, but as long as he keeps our cash reserves stocked up, I’m not complaining.”

Since Pantalone is in charge of money, Moment of Cessation seems to be a good match to him.

#11 Tartaglia, Codename: “Childe”

Tartaglia/Ajax Childe 公子 - Eleven Fatui Harbingers of Snezhnaya | Genshin.Global

Childe / CN JP: 公子
VA EN: Griffin Burns / CN: 李春胤 / JP: 木村良平

Tartaglia “Childe” is the eleventh member of the eleven Fatui Harbingers. He is also the first playable character from the Harbingers. Check more info about him in Tartaglia’s character profile.

Il Dottore, Codename: “The Doctor”

Dottore Doctor 博士 - Eleven Fatui Harbingers of Snezhnaya | Genshin.Global

The Doctor / CN JP: 博士
VA EN: Mick Wingert / CN: 吴磊 / JP: 関俊彦

Dottore is one of the members of the eleven Fatui Harbingers. He has made he first appearance in official manga and played an important role in it as a villain, a mad scientist who wants to enhance human with exceptional strength. It is widely believed that he is responsible for modifying Scaramouche.

Tartaglia says in his voice-over: “I heard that he took segments of himself at different ages, made prostheses out of them, and assigned different tasks to each one. I know… all my comrades are a little weird. Come to think of it, if I met my own prosthesis… Hah, we’d have to fight then and there to decide which one of us gets to survive.”

As mentioned in the Pale Flame artifact set as well, Dottore seems to be recruited by Pierro.

Arlecchino, Codename: “The Knave”

Arlecchino Servant 召使 - Eleven Fatui Harbingers of Snezhnaya | Genshin.Global

The Knave / CN: 仆人 / JP: 召使
VA EN: Erin Yvette / CN: 黄莺 / JP: 森なな子

Tartaglia talks about Arlecchino: “Look, I’ve got nothing against people who have their own agendas — I myself joined the Fatui to get more experience in combat. But I don’t like her at all. If she stood to benefit from betraying others, she’d turn against the Tsaritsa in a heartbeat. There isn’t a sane bone in her body.”

Sandrone, Codename: “Marionette”

Sandrone Puppet 傀儡 - Eleven Fatui Harbingers of Snezhnaya | Genshin.Global

Marionette, meaning puppet / CN: 木偶 / JP: 傀儡
VA EN: Deneen Melody / CN: 洪海天 / JP: 本多真梨子

Tartaglia talks about Sandrone: “She always seems engrossed in her research. Hmm… I wonder if those machines have anything to do with her? Anyway, I’ve only met her a few times, but every time she looked like she wanted to murder me. I have no idea what I possibly could have done to annoy her.”

Il Capitano, Codename: “The Captain”

Capitano Captain 隊長 - Eleven Fatui Harbingers of Snezhnaya | Genshin.Global

The Captain / CN: 队长 / JP: 隊長
VA EN: Chris Tergliafera / CN: 王玮 / JP: 成田剣

Tartaglia talks about Capitano: “I’ve seen him in battle before, and oh what a sight it was. Perhaps I’m ranked too low for him to notice me right now. Well, he may not recognize my strengths yet, but one day, I’ll show him what I’m made of.”

Columbina, Codename: “Damselette”

Columbina Maiden 少女 - Eleven Fatui Harbingers of Snezhnaya | Genshin.Global

Damselette, meaning a young woman or girl / CN JP: 少女
VA EN: Deneen Melody / CN: 杨梦露 / JP: Lynn

Columbina is the girl who sings with a smiling face when mourning over Signora’s coffin at the beginning of the teaser video. She seems to be a formidable opponent in a combat as how Tartaglia comments on Columbina: “I’d test my skills with every Harbinger who ranks above me if I had the chance, but when it comes to her… something just doesn’t feel right. Anyway, you should be careful around her.”

Besides the lore, do you fancy some background music?