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Genshin Impact Fanart Illustrator Interview: Emduck

Exclusive interview: Genshin Impact Fanart Illustrator Emduck

Have you ever imagined how Genshin characters would look like if they exist in real life? Thanks to the drawings of Emduck that visualise those looks, making us more connected with the game with characters like Amber and Ganyu dressed in swimsuit, uniform and formal suit! It seems they are really living in our world! So let’s start the interview!

Q. How long have you been working as an illustrator?

Emduck: I am still an amateur. My goal is to become a professional by improving my drawing skills.

Q. How long have you played Genshin Impact? What propelled / motivated you to become an illustrator of Genshin Impact?

Emduck: I started Genshin Impact when the first Childe banner came.

Q. Tell me about your favorite character of Genshin Impact and why.

Emduck: I like Ganyu the most. At first, I used Ganyu often because I liked the offensive style, and I fell in love with her more and more.

Q. What’s your favorite region and/or location in Genshin Impact and why.

Emduck: I like Mondstadt the most. Should I say it’s like my hometown?

Q. From start to finish, how long does it take for you to create your work?

Emduck: It usually takes two days at the earliest, about a week. It’s a shame that I can’t draw fast because I’m attending school.

Q. Describe and share the best piece of Genshin Impact art you’ve created.

Emduck: Among my paintings, the most popular one is the picture below. Also, I personally like it because I did my best to describe the skin and completed it beautifully.

Q. For those beginners of fan art illustrators, could you give any advice or sharing?

Emduck: I hope you enjoy drawing fan arts. Of course, a lot of practice is good, but I hope you don’t overdo it and will keep drawing.

Q. Name one of your favourite artists / illustrators.

Emduck: I like Fajyobore’s paintings the most! The expression of light is so pretty that I fell in love.

Some more drawings by Emduck

We thank her so much for the sharing with us. Wish her success in striving for her goal as a professional illustrator!
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