“Fungus Mechanicus” Event: Fun Mechanicus Challenges

"Fungus Mechanicus" Event: Fun Mechanicus Challenges | Genshin.Global

In this event, we will be controlling pieces that look like Fungi aptly named “Lil’ Fungi”. Our enemies will be Mechanici, which many of us have seen before.

Event Duration

2023/03/23 10:00:00 – 2023/04/03 03:59:59


Event Rewards
  • Primogems
  • Mora
  • Character EXP Materials
  • Sanctifying Unction


Adventure Rank 30 or above

And complete the Archon Quest “A New Star Approaches”

※ Complete the Archon Quest “Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises” first to get the best experience from this event.

※ If you have not completed the Archon Quest “Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises” during the event, you can enter the event through “Quick Start” in the event page.

Event Details
  • After the event begins, a new stage will unlock on each day for a total of 7 stages.
  • Command Lil’ Fungi to destroy all Mechanici to win the stage.
  • During the combat challenge, consume Marvelous Gels to issue orders to Lil’ Fungi to cast powerful abilities. The amount of Marvelous Gels will gradually recover over time, or you can use Plauditory Protection(s) on the field to directly obtain more.

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