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Noelle, Happy Birthday!

Noelle Official Birthday Art 2023 | Genshin Impact 原神

Whew… The clean-up work for the Windblume Festival is as time-consuming as ever. Thanks a lot for your help!

As thanks, I’ll take care of the refreshments for tea. I’ll make you my specialty, the Lighter-Than-Air Pancake! I hope you like it.

I’ve heard that everyone eats desserts differently. I don’t know if you prefer to eat the pancake first, or the fruit?


“C’mon, Noelle, let’s go. Take the day off today!”

“But… I’m not done cleaning.”

“Hehe. Just think of it as me asking you a favor!”

“I… understand. If this can aid you, then let’s go.”

Noelle Official Birthday Comic 2023 | Genshin Impact 原神

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