“City of Winds and Idylls” OST CD set is Genshin Impact’s first original soundtrack CD ever released. The set contains the three discs “City of Winds and Idylls“, “The Horizon of Dandelion“, and “Saga of the West Wind” from OST album “City of Winds and Idylls” published online, plus the Bonus CD of the OST album “The Wind and The Star Traveler“.

The box set itself is a beautifully designed and printed gift box which serves as a collectible to many fans! In case you are tempted to get a copy for yourself, you can head to check it in our online shop.

Disc 1 – “City of Winds and Idylls”

#Soundtrack TitlePlayed In
1Twilight Serenity (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)Startup Screen
2Legend of the WindStory scenes or dialogue
3The City Favored by WindCity of Mondstadt (Day)
4Bustling Afternoon in MondstadtCity of Mondstadt (Day)
5Dusk in MondstadtCity of Mondstadt (Dusk)
6Mondstadt StarlitCity of Mondstadt (Night)
7Moonlight in MondstadtCity of Mondstadt (Night)
8Another Day in MondstadtCity of Mondstadt (Dawn)
9Windborne HymnFavonius Cathedral
10Knights of FavoniusKnights of Favonius Headquarters
11Angel’s ShareAngel’s Share
12Silhouette and Silk StepsChallenges
13Perilous PathStory scenes or dialogue
14Say My NameStory scenes or dialogue
15Welp, Didn’t Expect ThatStory scenes or dialogue
16An Interesting LaborChallenges
17Make Haste, PartnerChallenges
18A Happy DayStory scenes or dialogue
19Reunion in the Whispering WoodsStory scenes or dialogue
20StartledStory scenes or dialogue
21Meeting AmberStory scenes or dialogue
22Storm BefallsStory scenes or dialogue
23Slight DistressStory scenes or dialogue
24Tender StrengthStory scenes or dialogue
25Imminent TriumphStory scenes or dialogue

▶️ Play album on YouTube: City of Winds and Idylls – Disc 1: City of Winds and Idylls

Disc 2 – “The Horizon of Dandelion”

#Soundtrack TitlePlayed In
26Beckoning (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)Mondstadt region
27Hence, Begins the JourneyStory scenes or dialogue
28Dawn Winery ThemeDawn Winery
29Before Dawn, at the WineryDawn Winery (Dawn)
30A Familiar Sight and LeisureMondstadt region
31Cold NightMondstadt region
32Whispering PlainMondstadt region
33Statue of The SevenStatue of The Seven
34Acquaintance (Statue of The Seven)Statue of The Seven
35Stealing Words of the MoonMondstadt region
36Wayfarer’s PeaceMondstadt region
37Wind-Washed MountainsMondstadt region
38Wayward SoulsMondstadt region
39Reminiscence (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)Startup screen
40Restless Blazing SunMondstadt region
41Remembrance (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)Mondstadt region
42The HorizonMondstadt region
43Awaiting the FutureMondstadt region
44Moonlit WildernessMondstadt region
45A New Day with HopeMondstadt region
46Journey of Hope (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)Mondstadt region
47Forsaken Child of Archaic Winds (Dvalin’s Nest)Stormterror’s Lair
48Forsaken Child of Ancient Times (Dvalin’s Nest)Stormterror’s Lair
49Midday ProspectsStory scenes or dialogue
50Dwelling in the PastMondstadt region
51Eternal Anamnesis (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)Mondstadt region

▶️ Play album on YouTube: City of Winds and Idylls – Disc 2: The Horizon of Dandelion

Disc 3 – “Saga of the West Wind”

#Soundtrack TitlePlayed In
52Photon of FluctuationDomain
53His ResolutionDomain
54Rhythm from Ancient TimesDomain
55Endless EchoesDomain
56Charge! Fearless WarriorsDomain
57Beats of Water DropsDomain
58Magic IntriguesDomain
59Against All OddsDomain
60Perpetual Motion of WindStory scenes or dialogue
61Riders of the Wind, OnwardStory scenes or dialogue
62Whirl of Boreal WindBoss: Andrius, Dominator of Wolves (Phase 1)
63Symphony of Boreal WindBoss: Andrius, Dominator of Wolves (Phase 2)

▶️ Play album on YouTube: City of Winds and Idylls – Disc 3: Saga of the West Wind

Bonus CD – “The Wind and The Star Traveler”

#Soundtrack TitlePlayed In
1Genshin Impact Main ThemeStartup screen
2Dawn Winery ThemeDawn Winery
3A Sweet SmileStory scenes/scenes/cutscene
4A Storm, A Spire, and a Sanctum (Dvalin’s Nest)Stormterror’s Lair
5Caelestinum Finale TerminiBoss fight: Stormterror
6Lone SojournerDawn Winery (Night)
7A Day in MondstadtMondstadt region
8Dream Aria (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)Startup screen
9Pure SkyMondstadt region
10The Edge of the PrairieMondstadt region
11A Tale of Two DragonsStory scenes or dialogue
12Rite of BattleMondstadt region (Battle)
13Knighthood ExcellenceStory scenes or dialogue
14Happy JourneyStory scenes or dialogue
15The Outlander Who Caught the WindPromotion videos

▶️ Play album on YouTube: The Wind and The Star Traveler

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Music Production

Composer: Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Arranger: Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Orchestra: London Philharmonic Orchestra, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Conductor: Robert Ziegler, Jiemin Zhang (张洁敏)
Female Vocals: He Lin (林禾)
Guitar Solo: Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Harp: Budapest Scoring
Violin Solo: Sheng-Han Gao (高胜寒)
Piano Solo: Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Recording Studio: Air Studios, Shanghai Concert Hall, Studio 22
Recording Engineer: Kurina Tamas, Nick Wollage, Xiaoxing Lu (陆晓幸), Yu-Peng Chen
ProTools Operator: Junjie Liu, Kurina Tamas, Laurence Anslow, Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Mixing: Nick Wollage, Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Mastering: John Webber, Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)

Release Date: August 4, 2021