“Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds” OST CD set is Genshin Impact’s second original soundtrack CD ever released. The set contains the three discs “Glazed Moon Over the Tides“, “Shimmering Sea of Clouds and Moonlight“, and “Battles of Liyue” from OST album “Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds” published online, plus the Bonus CD of the OST album “Fleeting Colors in Flight“.

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Disc 1 – “Glazed Moon Over the Tides”

#Soundtrack TitlePlayed in
1LiyueLiyue Harbor, animated cutscene in Light Upon the Sea
2Moon in One’s CupLiyue Harbor (Day)
3Relaxation in LiyueLiyue Harbor (Dusk)
4Maiden’s LongingSea of Clouds
5Sun Rises in LiyueLiyue Harbor (Dawn)
6Good Night, LiyueLiyue Harbor (Night)
7Call It a Day in LiyueLiyue Harbor (Dusk)
8Clear Sky Over LiyueLiyue Harbor
9A Transparent Moon (Liuli Pavilion)Liuli Pavilion, Xinyue Kiosk, Liyue Estate: Exquisite Mansion
10Treasury From the NorthlandNorthland Bank
11Cozy Leisure TimeWangshu Inn (Day)
12Sojourner’s Sweet DreamWangshu Inn (Night)
13Winding RiverBishui Plain
14Mild WavesBishui Plain (Day)
15Rhythm Amidst the ReedsBishui Plain (Day)
16Flows of Jade-Like WaterBishui Plain
17Blossoms Across the ValleyBishui Plain (Day)
18Flow of MildnessBishui Plain (Night)
19Stroll in the ShadowsBishui Plain (Day)
20Melodious FluteBishui Plain (Night)
21Gentle RainBishui Plain, Cool Isle (Night)
22Vague WhispersBishui Plain (Day)
23Legends Swept AwayBishui Plain
24Joy of ReturningBishui Plain (Day)
25Loner’s DepartureQiongji Estuary
26Foxes at PlayQiongji Estuary (Day)
27Plain of NostalgiaQiongji Estuary (Day)
28Another Hopeful TomorrowLiyue (Day), Cool Isle (Day)
29This Little Light of MineLiyue (Day), Cool Isle (Day)
30Legend of RedemptionLiyue (Day), Cool Isle (Day)
31Hazy LightLiyue, Cool Isle
32Scattered Amongst the TidesLiyue, Cool Isle
33Rhythms From the ConchSea of Clouds

▶️ Play album on YouTube: Glazed Moon Over the Tides

Disc 2 – “Shimmering Sea of Clouds and Moonlight”

#Soundtrack TitlePlayed in
34Peaceful Hike (Qingce Daytime)Qingce Village (Day)
35The Fading Stories (Qingce Night)Qingce Village (Night)
36Wandering FlightJueyun Karst, Floating Abode
37Faint TracksJueyun Karst
38Idle Away From the MountainsQingyun Peak (Day)
39Humming Amidst RocksWuwang Hill, Enter the “border”
40Above the Sea of CloudsQingyun Peak (Night)
41Adeptus’ RetirementQingyun Peak (Day)
42A Casual VisitHuaguang Stone Forest (Day)
43A Serendipitous EncounterHuaguang Stone Forest (Day)
44Freedom of CraneQingyun Peak (Day), Floating Abode (Day)
45Rays of SunlightQingyun Peak (Day)
46Rainbow at SummitQingyun Peak (Day)
47Spring in CloudsQingyun Peak (Day)
48Adeptus’ SolaceJueyun Karst
49The Absence of AdeptiHuaguang Stone Forest (Night)
50Emerging CloudsJueyun Karst (Day)
51Drink With a HermitLiyue
52Moss Covered PathMingyun Village
53Bird Call From AfarQingyun Peak (Night)
54Red Leaf on the ChessboardJueyun Karst (Day)
55Secluded SanctuaryLiyue (Rain), Wuwang Hill
56Flickering PetalsSea of Clouds
57Swinging in the BreezeSea of Clouds
58Solitude MountainsSea of Clouds
59Distant ResonanceSea of Clouds
60Foregone GiantsSea of Clouds
61Linger in the ValleyLingju Pass, Qingxu Pool
62Slumbering LoreLingju Pass, Qingxu Pool
63Silent RuinsLingju Pass, Qingxu Pool
64Lone DrifterLingju Pass, Qingxu Pool
65Lost ExpectationLingju Pass, Qingxu Pool, animated cutscene in The Illuminated Beast of the Sea of Clouds
66The Realm WithinDomains

▶️ Play album on YouTube: Shimmering Sea of Clouds and Moonlight

Disc 3 – “Battles of Liyue”

#Soundtrack TitlePlayed in
67Rapid as WildfiresLiyue (Combat)
68Chasing the TorrentsLiyue (Combat)
69Gallant ChallengeLiyue (Combat)

▶️ Play album on YouTube: Battles of Liyue

Bonus CD – “Fleeting Colors in Flight”

#Soundtrack TitlePlayed in
1Devastation and RedemptionAnimated cutscene in Where the Heart Finds Rest
2Myriad of LightsAnimated cutscene in The Stars Inscribe the Year’s Wishes
3Devastation and Redemption – InstrumentalAnimated cutscene in Where the Heart Finds Rest

▶️ Play album on YouTube: Fleeting Colors in Flight

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Music Production

Composer: Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Arranger: Dimeng Yuan (苑迪萌)
Lyricist: Dou (豆子)
Orchestrator: Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Dizi: Huabing Tu (屠化冰), Jiannan Gu (顾剑楠)
Erhu: Jiajun Ma (马稼骏)
Electric Guitar: Dimeng Yuan (苑迪萌), Xin Zhao (赵鑫)
Guzheng: Shasha Lu (陆莎莎), Mojia Zhao (赵墨佳), Yuchen Wang (王宇宸)
Piano: Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Pipa: Wenqing Shi (施文卿)
Ruan: Beiyi Shen (沈贝怡)
Sanxian: Beiyi Shen (沈贝怡)
Tin Whistle: Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Violin: Philippe Honoré, Songjie Zhang (张松洁)
Violoncello: Beixing Huang (黄北星)
Voice: Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Xiao: Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Zhonghu: Jiajun Ma (马稼骏)
Vocal Artist: Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸), Yang Yang (杨扬)
Orchestra: London Philharmonic Orchestra, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra (上海交响乐团), Art of Dragon Orchestra (龙之艺交响乐团)
Conductor: Jiemin Zhang (张洁敏), Robert Ziegler
Recording Studio: AIR Studios, Shanghai Symphony Hall (上海交响乐团音乐厅), Shanghai Media Group (上海广播大厦)
Music Supervisor: Dong An (安栋)
Recording Engineer: Dalei Fang (房大磊), Xiaoxing Lu (陆晓幸), Nick Wollage, Jiawei Mo (莫家伟)
Mixing Engineer: Nick Wollage, Zach Huang (黄巍)
Mixing Assistant: Laurence Anslow, Tom Bailey
Mastering Engineer: John Webber, Zach Huang (黄巍)
Production: HOYO-MiX

Release Date: November 6, 2020