Paimon 派蒙/パイモン/페이몬 Traveler's Companion | Genshin Impact Global Fansite


Paimon is an NPC in Genshin Impact who is the Traveler‘s companion in their journey in Teyvat. She was being fished from a lake whe she first met the Traveler at the beginning of the game.

In the game Paimon is chatty and loud, and does most of the talking for the Traveler. She has great enthusiasm in eating, Mora and treasures.

Paimon’s outfit shows symbols or motifs that probably tie to the Celestial, leading to many fan theories about her true identity among Genshin communities.

Outside the game, particularlly on the game’s official social media channels, Paimon serves as the game’s mascot or a “spokesperson” to convey official news and announcements.

Birthday: June 1st

Voice Actor (VA)
  • Chinese: 多多poi / Duoduo Poi
  • English: Corina Boettger
  • Japanese: 古賀葵 / Aoi Koga
  • Korean: 김가령 / Kim Ga-ryeong