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Reveal of Wanderer: “Eons Adrift”

Genshin Character: "Eons Adrift" Wanderer | Genshin.Global

Wanderer is a wayfaring figure whose identity is a mystery. He dresses like a mountain ascetic, but he centainly does not act the part.

Genshin Character: "Eons Adrift" Wanderer (Personal Information) | Genshin.Global

The Wanderer is a long-range damage dealer who has the ability to fight and move through the air. He can use his Elemental Skill to leap into the air and enter the Windfavored state, gaining Kuugoryoku. Before exhausting Kuugoryoku, the Wanderer can hover in the air, and when he uses Normal and Charged Attacks, they will be converted into Kuugo: Fushoudan and Kuugo: Toufukai respectively, which deal increased damage over a wider AoE. The Wanderer’s Elemental Burst deals multiple instances of AoE Anemo DMG and can be cast when the character is in the Windfavored state.


[Genshin Character] Wanderer (Ascension/Talent Level-Up Materials Preview) | Genshin.Global

The talents of Wanderer are as follows.

  • Normal Attack: Yuuban Meigen
  • Hanega: Song of the Wind
  • Kyougen: Five Ceremonial Plays
  • Jade-Claimed Flower

Voice Over

EN VA: Patrick Pedraza


Click here to listen to Wanderer’s voice

Genshin Character: "Eons Adrift" Wanderer (Voice Artist Announcement) | Genshin.Global

Character Teaser – “Wanderer: Ashes”

Let’s discover the details of here.


[Updated on December 8, 2022] Collected Miscellany – “Wanderer: Any Way the Wind Blows”

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