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Genshin Impact x Sony Earbuds Collaboration

[❗ Update: Please check the update of the collab in this article: Showcase of Genshin Impact x Sony Earbuds and Event Highlight❗]

The Sony (Japan) has announced its earbuds crossover with Genshin Impact on Jan 6, 2023. The official collab merch is scheduled to be available from Jan 13, 2023 in Japan Sony stores. Some related events will also be held at each Sony store (Ginza, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka Tenjin).

The main visual of the collab features our Genshin mascot, Paimon, which is the same illustration of the Genshin OST promotion visual .



The earbuds are available in two options: black and white and there are Elements symbols printed on the earbuds. The Genshin logo and silhouette style of Paimon are illustrated on the earbuds case.

Genshin x Sony Earbuds Collaboration 2023 | Genshin.Global
Source: Weibo@米忽悠日常君
Genshin x Sony Official Merch: Earbuds Collaboration 2023 | Genshin.Global
Source: Weibo@米忽悠日常君
Genshin x Sony Official Collab Earbuds 2023 | Genshin.Global
Source: Weibo@米忽悠日常君

Dear Travelers, would you like to have this co-branded earbuds to enjoy the soothing and realistic Genshin soundtracks that clearly reflects the in-game environment?

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