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Version 3.6 Preview Special Program Summary

[Genshin Version 3.6] Special Program Preview | Genshin.Global

The Genshin Version 3.6 preview livestream, which took place on March 31, 2023, revealed further information about the upcoming new events, characters, and event wishes. Let’s have a short look at it!

New Story Quest

Lagenaria Chapter: Act I
  • Let’s get to learn more about this kind doctor and to hear some of Baizhu’s innermost thoughts.
  • Baizhu frequently decides to test new medications on himself in his quest to find new treatments and cures.
  • You can benefit from Baizhu’s expertise with herbs as you spend time with him in the field. Additionally, you can interact with some harvestable items that will heal your active character at the moment.
[Genshin Ver. 3.6] New Story Quest: Lagenaria Chapter: Act I | Genshin.Global

Sapientia Oromasdis Chapter: Act II
[Genshin Ver. 3.6] New Story Quest: Sapientia Oromasdis Chapter: Act II | Genshin.Global


New Characters Showcase

  • He is a doctor and Babu Pharmacy and is skilled at healing his patients
  • His talents have helped Babu Pharmacy establish a name for itself in Liyue Harbor
  • He is also a compassionate and polished physician with a heart for helping the world.
  • He treats everyone who comes to Babu Pharmacy for medical care, regardless of their money or rank.
[Genshin Ver. 3.6] New Character: Baizhu | Genshin.Global

  • Kaveh is an architect and has a keen sense of aesthetics and the arts that he’s had since he was a young child.
  • He has a sensitive and delicate side to his character because he is a very perceptive person.
  • Additionally, he possesses a keen sense of empathy and can perceive the feelings and thoughts of others.
[Genshin Ver. 3.6] New Character: Kaveh | Genshin.Global

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New Banners (Event Wish)

Phase 1: Nahida, Nilou
[Genshin Ver. 3.6 New Banner] Event Wish Phase 1: Nahida, Nilou | Genshin.Global

Phase 2: Baizhu, Ganyu
  • Kaveh will also appear in the event wishes “Immaculate Pulse” and “Adrift in the Harbor,” in which he will receive a huge drop-rate boost.
[Genshin Ver. 3.6 New Banner] Event Wish Phase 2: Baizhu, Ganyu | Genshin.Global

New Events

A Parade of Providence
  • We still have the Interdarshan Championship, this is a contest of wisdom and courage. You won’t want to miss seeing which Darshan is able to claim the title of champion
[Genshin Ver. 3.6 Event] A Parade of Providence | Genshin.Global

[Genshin Ver. 3.6 Special Program] New Event: A Parade of Providence | Genshin.Global


Hangout Events: Series IX
  • Layla‘s very own Hangout Quest will be arriving with Version 3.6
[Genshin Ver. 3.6 Event] Hangout Events: Series IX (Layla) | Genshin.Global

Fulminating Sandstorm
  • Wenut activity has suddenly been on the rise and the Akademiya is dispatching researchers to respnod to the problem
  • We will be helping scholars clear the desert of obstructions
  • Assemble the Wenutslayer Cannon and repel the wandering Wenut
[Genshin Ver. 3.6 Event] Fulminating Sandstorm | Genshin.Global


Brewing Developments
  • Travelers will have to complete 3 consecutive combat rounds
  • In each round, the system will randomly activate one or more of 4 possbile effects at set intervals of time

[Genshin Ver. 3.6 Event] Brewing Developments | Genshin.Global

Overflowing Mastery
  • For a brief period of time, the event will be back with double drops to assist travelers in continuing to level up their characters.

[Genshin Ver. 3.6 Event] Overflowing Mastery | Genshin.Global


The Recollector’s Path
  • We will guide Sorush to drive away enemies, conduct speed training and complete puzzles
[Genshin Ver. 3.6 Event] The Recollector's Path | Genshin.Global

New Boss

The Iniquitous Baptist
  • its abilites include using multiple elements in battle and creating shields for corresponding elements to reduce damage


The Legendary Dragon of Verdure, Apep
  • It was once an emerald green dragon that ruled Sumeru but its color later changed to that of yellow sand
  • Travelers will be making their way to the Dendro Dragon’s habitat to face it in battle so we must be very carefully
  • the battle will be slipt into 3 phases
[Genshin Ver. 3.6 New Boss] The Legendary Dragon of Verdure, Apep | Genshin.Global

New Area

  • This area is located deep in the desert
  • in the northwest of the Deset of Hadramaveth
  • According to the legends, it was one of the main rifts that monsters were emerging from during the Khaenri’ah disaster 500 years ago
[Genshin Ver. 3.6 Special Program] New Area Unlocked | Genshin.Global


New Weapon

Jadefall’s Splendor
[Genshin Ver. 3.6 Special Program] New Weapon: Jadefall's Splendor | Genshin.Global

New Artifacts

Nymph’s Dream
Vourukasha’s Glow
[Genshin Ver. 3.6 Special Program] New Artifacts:Nymph
S Dream / Vourukasha’s Glow | Genshin.Global


The Unfathomable Sand Dunes

  • The second album (comprised of 3 discs) for the Sumeru region will also be releasing soon.
[Genshin Ver. 3.6 Ablum] The Unfathomable Sand Dunes | Genshin.Global


Dear Traveler, the highlights of Version 3.6 end there. Don’t miss any of the aforementioned events, banner wish…

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