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Catalysts are one of the 5 weapon types that playable characters can equip and use in Genshin Impact.

Catalysts are magical weapons. All attacks performed with a Catalyst cause elemental damage corresponding to the element type of the user.

Normal Attack

A Catalyst user applies element to enermies when they are hit with Normal Attack. Different Catalyst user’s Normal Attacks vary a lot which can be a single-target or AoE attack, and projectile or non-projectile.

Charged Attack

A Catalyst user  consumes a certain amount of stamina to perform Charged Attack in order to deal some more powerful damage or an AoE attack, depending on the character.

Plunging Attack

When Catalyst users plunge towards the ground from mid-air, they can damage all opponents in the falling path and deal AoE elemental damage upon impact with the ground.

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